What Is The Re-Connecting Workshop?
The Re-Connecting Workshop is a resource for couples who have transitioned into parenthood, and want to work on reclaiming their connection with their partner.   Your relationship may not be in a crisis, but perhaps you’re simply looking to make those small changes to restore those loving feelings again.  If that sounds like something you want, then this program is for you!

Let Me Help You!
Re-Connecting was designed to help couples return to a place where they feel more connected, more understood, and more empowered with the skills and insights to keep their marriage thriving during the difficult season of having young children.

The teaching and at-home exercises provided in this workshop are one-of-a-kind and not available anywhere else!  I'm condensing the best of what I know into weeks for couples with young children and giving it to you for a fraction of the cost of 8 weeks of therapy.  
 You can not find a Workshop like this anywere else!


Meet Quentin Hafner, Licensed Couples Therapist:

Watch this short clip with Quentin explaining why this workshop might be right for you and your partner. 


What This Workshop Will Give You

Here is a quick outline of the topics we'll cover in the 8-week online workshop and what you'll walk away with.

What The Heck Happened To Us?

A detailed look at what really happens for couples when we introduce children. This will be a fresh and new perspective and why things are the way they are. 

Becoming a Parent and Spouse..

We'll take a look at our shifting identities as new parents and how these new identities have big impact on our marriages. Most importantly, we'll learn what to do to make it better. 

Learning To Connect Again...

In this segment, we'll take a look at what we can do to maintain that ever so important emotional connection with our partner, even with all the new roles as new parents. 

Restoring Sexual Intimacy...

Sex?  Who has time for it and why bother?! In this week, we'll talk about why sex is important and what we can do to re-establish sexual contact in a win-win way that works for both of you. 

Making Time For Ourselves And Family...

With all the pressures and demands of young children, we neglect ourselves in the process. In this week, I'll show you ways to balance self-care and convince you that it's essential to your marriage that you do a good job at being good to yourself. 

Learning To Defuse Conflict And Hostility... 

We're sleep-deprived, run-down, and just cranky.  Fights are happening and sometimes it gets ugly. In this section, I'll give you some helpful insights to take your fights from "Code-Red" to talking peacefully about what's really bothering you. 

Dealing With In-Laws and Outsiders...

There's something about in-laws that can sometimes drive us nuts, and unfortunately drive in between our marriage. This week will be geared to understanding why we fight about our in-laws and what we can do to come together as a couple instead.

Leaving A Meaningful Legacy...

This will be our closing chapter for the workshop and we'll talk about why all of this matters anyway and we'll learn to see that what we're doing matters immenseley to the future of the world (having bedrock families).  What an honor to participate in something so grand. 

The Format for The Workshop


1. Weekly Teaching Videos targeted at very specific stage-of-life challenges that couples with young children face. These videos will educate, provide insight, and help couples develop a greater understanding of the relationship dynamics that develop with young children.

2. Weekly “Ask Me Anything” Videos designed to address common-themed marital difficulties for people just like you.  Every week, I’ll answer common questions that every couple is experiencing as we go through the program.   This part ensures that we’re all on the same page and going at the same pace.
*A total of 15 different videos over the course of 8-weeks!!

1. Weekly At-Home Assignments designed to develop relationship change and improve interpersonal skills. I’m taking the best of what I know, and giving it to you!  Practicing these skill-building exercises is where you’re going to see some dramatic change in your relationship. Each week you'll receive an "individual" assignment to do on your own, and also a "couple" assignment to do with your partner.  NOTE:  If your partner is reluctant to particpate in this program, it will still be massively benefial for your marriage to do it on  your own!!

*A total of 15 different assignments over the course of 8-weeks!

PLUS 2 BONUS Handouts that will certainly save you from your next fight!


What Others Have Said About Quentin's Workshops


"Quentin has been incredibly inspirational and helpful to so many Mom's. His advice and thoughtfulness has literally saved marriages and gives perspective on this crazy life of small kids. Cannot say enough great things about him!"

- Lauren

"Quentin helped us feel validated as he shared insight into struggles we face in marriage with young children and more equipped to nurture and strive towards flourishing relationships with our spouses. He was genuine, gentle yet truthful with his words, funny and very insightful."

- Jaci

"I can't say enough positive things about Quentin. The ease in which he's able to connect with you, just by being himself is refreshing. He's knowledgable, practical, gentle, hilariously funny and loves to help you reach your goals. I highly recommend Quentin."

- Robyn

"Quentin is an extremely approachable, down-to-earth, and applicable speaker. He spoke on "How Young Children Affect our Marriages" and it was right on target with what our group needed to hear. He wove in elements of psychology and physiology which gave his presentation a very holistic approach to the issues couples with young children face. He also left room for lots of good discussion, which the group appreciated being able to participate. I highly recommend Quentin!"

- Conor


The Venue Is Your Home

You Can Rest and Do The Entire Program From The Comfort of Your Couch!

With young children, it can sometimes feels logistically impossible to meet with a counselor because we need to juggle Mom’s schedule, Dad’s schedule, Baby’s nap schedule, and Nanny’s schedule (and Counselor's schedule). The Re-Connecting  program alleviates any and all scheduling conflicts because all of the work can be done anytime, and anywhere you wish – even on the comfort of your own couch!  No more trying to coordinate the logistical challenges just to get to couples therapy!  With resources delivered straight to your email inbox, you can work on the material at your own convenience.