What's keeping you up at night?

Chances are, since you've landed on this webpage, some things in your life aren't working well.  Maybe your wife has threatened you with a divorce?  Or maybe you're torn between keeping your marriage intact or walking away and starting over again with someone new.  Or maybe a recently discovered affair? I get it. This is tough.

I'm glad you're reading this webpage. 
When life gets really difficult, we have a tendency to want to figure things out on our own. But sometimes, at these confusing crossroads, we need a trusted advisor to go through it with us to ensure we're making the right decisions with the most clarity, that have the best outcomes. 


Meet Quentin Hafner, LMFT
Experience you can trust, from someone who "gets it".

As a licensed therapist specializing in relationship distress, Quentin offers a unique blending of compassion, genuine care, therapeutic & relational expertise, as well as a thorough understanding of the nuances of the "guy's world".  Quentin is a relationship problem solver.

More than anything else, Quentin is passionate about helping with Dads, Husbands, and Men of all sorts by giving them the tools and insights that result in solved problem, and more
fulfilled relationships.


We can work together to find solutions.

If you've tried therapy or coaching before, but didn't have a great experience, please don't give up.  Men require a unique perspective to make those big gains and to solve those big problems.  I would be happy to help you. Please explore all of your options before you decide on any big decisions. 


Has she threatened to walk away? 

Deciding to walk away from your marriage, or having your spouse walk away will be one of the biggest life-transitions that any of us can experience.  Please explore all of your options before making this huge decision.


Are things getting out of control?

Whether it's drinking too much, or looking at porn too much, addiction struggles are common among men, and they can have devastating  consequences in our marriages and the relationships with our loved ones. 


Has the other woman been "found out?"

Has the other woman been discovered, or is your confusion about what to do with your mistress haunting you?  These are such difficult decisions with complex outcomes that need lots of clarity and understanding.


Is your work-life sabatoging your marriage?

Sometimes, our careers can cause us to feel totally burnt-out, and often the people around us feel deprived, lonely, and forgotten about.  We live in such a fast-paced world and learning how to juggle all of it is a learned skill. 

What Others Have Said About Quentin's Work

"This endorsement of Quentin is also informed by interactions with several previous Marriage & Family Therapists who were not as well-skilled and did not provide this growth.  I consider myself very fortunate to have met Quentin and again highly recommend contacting him if you are in need of similar support and growth".  - S

"This process of discovery has transformed my life and provided the foundation for an honest, happy and hope-filled future. Quentin is also accessible, responsive and flexible, and I highly recommend him".  - J

"I can't say enough positive things about Quentin.  The ease in which he's able to connect with you, just by being himself, is refreshing.  He's knowledgeable, practical, gentle, funny, and loves to help you reach your goals.  I highly recommend Quentin." - R

"I highly recommend Quentin Hafner for those seeking support in subjects ranging from personal growth and development to the complex interactions of marriage".  - S